Hurricane Sandy Relief

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the North Carolina Baptist on Mission (NCBM) Assessors are trying to send groups to locations in North Carolina and New Jersey.

They are in need of volunteers to go to New Jersey on the feeding unit trips. Anyone interested in going to New Jersey to help needs to contact Todd Phillips by phone at 704-651-8932 or via email

Todd is also looking to start a list of  recovery volunteers for locations here in North Carolina and then head north. The primary locations in North Carolina will be at the Outer Banks. The NCBM is looking to send groups out in the next few days. If you are interested contact Todd Phillips or click here for more information and ways to donate or volunteer.



Missionary Update: Willene Byrd

Bobby and Willene Byrd moved to Guatemala in August of 2010 to establish World Reach Missions and further the Gospel in Central America. Last week Willene became ill and was hospitalized in Guatemala City. After tests, the doctors found kidney stones. Willene flew to Charlotte on Saturday and is receiving IV antibiotics at home as the doctors evaluate her recovery over the next couple of weeks. A decision on removing the stones will be made in the near future.

Please keep Willene and the Byrd family in your prayers as they move through the recovery process. Also continue to pray for those who have been touched by World Reach Missions as God uses this to further His kingdom.

Ukraine Missions Commissioning

Wednesday, September 5, 2o12 the Ukraine mission team was commissioned at North Campus during the evening service. Continue to keep this team in your prayers as they are serving this week. They will be gone September 6-15th doing evangelism and discipleship throughout the cities in Ukraine.

Peru Team Update: Day 4

It has been a good day. We got up early to go see the condors of Colca Canyon and then headed back to Chivay. We were able to do a little shopping before we headed back to Arequipa. Most everyone slept a majority of the way and we were well rested for some evening activities. We ended up going to see Batman with Pastor Pablo and his family and a few others from the area. We all had McDonald’s and talked with all of them before the movie. It was a all in all relaxing day.

If you could please pray for us tomorrow as Zack and Evan teach and that the gospel will be well presented and not lost in translation. Some of the teams is getting sick mostly because of their bodies are not handling the food. If you could pray for them that they would be revived for tomorrow and that the rest of the team stays in good health.

The internet is running very slow. We will try to send pictures and videos when we can!

Peru Team Update: Day 3

Early today the team left and headed to Chivay. It took us 2.5 hours of very scenic mountain roads. As soon as we got here we stopped at a Christian nursing home. There are around 8 who live there and they are blind and deaf; they were abandoned by their families. We greeted each and every one with a hug and said hello/ how are you in Spanish. They all had large smiles on their faces as we hugged and talked to them. We then proceed to sing a few songs to them and then helped administered to them the Lords Super. The team placed a wafer in one hand in the grape juice in the other. When it was time to eat the bread we would tap their hand, and did the same with the juice. They then insisted on singing us a song to show their thanks in coming to see them. We then passed out quilts that the Quilt Ministry had made us. They were very thankful. Before we left, at some point every team member had tears in their eyes. We then went to a government run nursing home where we greeted them as they ate lunch and then proceeded to hand our more quilts.

In the evening we had two different services where in both Zack Locklear taught a lesson on the Prodigal Son. The first service was mostly those from the nursing home and a few others from the community. Half of the group spoke Spanish and the other half spoke another dialect of Spanish, needless to say everything had to be translated twice. The second service was in a church with no pastor. It was all middle school age kids who showed up to our service tonight. So please be praying that God will place someone to pastor that church and the rest of Chivay because it is the only church here. We sang some songs in Spanish and some in English and the middle schoolers enjoyed it with singing and clapping. After we played two games in which they also enjoyed. After the invitation was given 2 students out of 10 students there came forward and devoted their lives to Christ. Louise and Milargo ­­­­are the students and please pray for those two and the student who is actually leading the church.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we take a day of rest and do some touring. Pray that we will experience divine encounters and that it will be restful for us because we are all exhausted.

Peru Update: Day 2

The team had a great day today. We started off going to and participating in the service at New Life Baptist Church. They had one worship service where we sang in Spanish and then took the Lord”s supper. The Lord:s supper in itself was amazing, hearing everything in Spanish but already knowing what was said. Then we helped with the child care, our puppet team did a great job presenting the gospel in a way that was entertaining to the children. At the same time our worship team lead worship in Spanish for the whole church. Then our team leader David Millsaps taught on Luke 9:22-26. His main purpose of his message was about willing make a choice to surrender ones life and deny ones self.
Then this evening we lead worship for Pastor Pablo’s church. Evan taught once again and brought a good message from Psalm 51 about Repentance. We did a skit about not being a Christian because you go to church, sing in the choir, or anything like that. The whole team participated and were speaking in Spanish the whole time. Pastor Pablo did a great job playing off the skit and shared the gospel with his church of about 20. Our worship team sang two more songs in English and brought a few of the members into tears.

Tomorrow we have along day ahead of us. We are traveling 2 hours to Chiavy where we will be working with those in a nursing home and children in a orphanage. The team will be struggling with elevation sickness so please pray that Gods hand is on our team. Pray that those in the nursing home and in the orphanage will see and experience God’s love through our team.

Peru Team Update – Day 1

We arrived this morning in Lima at 5 and then arrived in Arequipa around 8. Checked into the hotel and did some sight seeing before we grabbed some lunch. We are all exhausted from the travel we took short naps after lunch before heading over to our first worship service. We had the opportunity to hang out and lead in worship a group of 20 some high school and middle school students. A few games were played and our team was dispersed among the students. Evan Phillips taught tonight and did a great job. We hung out with a few of the students afterwards as we had dinner. Continue to pray for us and that God will use us to meet the needs of the people we will come in contact with.