Guatemala – Monday, day 1

Today was the first day of work in the community of La Barranquilla. The team got down and started the day by carrying the supplies down the stairs to prepare for the construction work. This included bags of concrete, rocks, sand, rebar, and concrete blocks. The team worked extraordinarily hard, despite having the locals who are half their size carry more than them. 🙂 More importantly, every member of the team had time to spend with the community as we waited for the materials to be delivered, including the opportunity to witness to numerous individuals. We were able to tear down the stairs before we left, and will start the construction tomorrow. Continue to pray for our team throughout the week.

Report: “Spring Fling” night at Hickory Grove Elementary School

On Friday night, April 27,  about 20 Hickory Grove members and staff had a great opportunity to engage our local community in a +1 outreach initiative with Hickory Grove Elementary School.

We partook in their annual Friday night community “Spring Fling” as a follow-up to our April 21 school beautification day.  We brought several games for the kids to play and were able to raise money for the school.

During our time there, we were able to interact with MANY community families and engage them in conversation about Vacation Bible School and Hickory Grove Baptist Church.  We passed out free candy, water, popsicles, and hundreds of VBS flyers.  God has given us a great opportunity and open door at Hickory Grove Elementary School. We look forward to continuing this intentional partnership for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the days ahead.