Peru Team Update: Day 6

Today our team got a taste of the third world. We went to three churches on the out skirts of Pedregal. We pulled off the single paved road and traveled down dirt streets lined with houses made with whatever material that was available. The first church we went to we bought food to help out the pastor and his family who are struggling to get by each day. God called this family to move from Lima to Pedregal. The pastor is pouring everything into his ministry and into the growth of the church. His family lives in a one room shack in the church compound. It is apparent that he is pouring everything into his ministry. Please pray for Pastor Oliver, his family, and his church that God will provide when it is needed most.

The second church we went to was in the same condition but was just a bit larger. After we finished our service, Pastor Gustavo took us around the block to another compound. Pastor Gustavo is trying to obtain this compound because it is twice as big as his current one. His church has outgrown his current location. Please pray that the paper work comes through and his church has the ability to grow.

The final church we visited was the smallest of them all. Pastor David has been doing a great job leading his church even through difficult times. A Pentecostal church moved in a few months ago across the street.  This new church stole all the parents away from his church. The children of Pastor David’s church did not like the new Pentecostal church and preferred the Baptist church. Because of this, the parents have been moving back to the Baptist church.  His ministry needs prayer for strength in the faith of its members and for growth.

Each church was filled with children who we sang songs to, did some skits with our puppets and Evan Philips taught on Jonah. These children were the most active ones we have experienced all week. They were excited to see us and enjoyed everything we did. Just a high five, that we pretended hurt our hand, would put the biggest smile on their face. These kids were wearing anything that would stay on their bodies but were some of the happiest children we have seen all week. It really has humbled our whole team in how even when they have nothing they are still so happy.

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to work in two schools and one orphanage. We will be working with over 500 children tomorrow. Please pray that our team shows love that can only come from God. Continue to pray for the Pastors Oliver, Gustavo, and David whom we worked with today and for their ministries. Pray for our team as we head back home tomorrow night. We have a long 24 hours ahead of us.



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