Peru Team Update: Day 5

Today we started off going to a Private school where we did a puppet shows, our chicken skit, and some songs. Zack was able to teach and present the gospel. After that the grades went to the rooms and we split up and all took a different age group. The older students received guitar and cajon lessons. The younger students received some english lessons. by learning songs like “heads shoulders knees and toes”. Then we played a game of soccer with the students, it was a very close game. Seven adult Americans verses seven Peruvian middle schoolers. They enjoyed playing with us and we with them. We did win only because it was a tie and had to go into penalty kicks.

Then in the evening we went to Bautista da familia church and lead worship for it members. Zack once again taught and did a great job. Those in the church loved the live worship experience since no one in the church has musical talents. The head of the church is a missionary from the US and was excited to talk with us. He came out to eat with us and a few of the guys on the trip who are interested in full time missions got time to ask him questions.

Tomorrow we are going to Pedregal and will be working with two orphanages. Please pray for those in the orphanages to experience love from the heavenly Father who will never abandon them. The team is in good health and we ask that you continue to pray for our health.



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