Peru Team Update: Day 3

Early today the team left and headed to Chivay. It took us 2.5 hours of very scenic mountain roads. As soon as we got here we stopped at a Christian nursing home. There are around 8 who live there and they are blind and deaf; they were abandoned by their families. We greeted each and every one with a hug and said hello/ how are you in Spanish. They all had large smiles on their faces as we hugged and talked to them. We then proceed to sing a few songs to them and then helped administered to them the Lords Super. The team placed a wafer in one hand in the grape juice in the other. When it was time to eat the bread we would tap their hand, and did the same with the juice. They then insisted on singing us a song to show their thanks in coming to see them. We then passed out quilts that the Quilt Ministry had made us. They were very thankful. Before we left, at some point every team member had tears in their eyes. We then went to a government run nursing home where we greeted them as they ate lunch and then proceeded to hand our more quilts.

In the evening we had two different services where in both Zack Locklear taught a lesson on the Prodigal Son. The first service was mostly those from the nursing home and a few others from the community. Half of the group spoke Spanish and the other half spoke another dialect of Spanish, needless to say everything had to be translated twice. The second service was in a church with no pastor. It was all middle school age kids who showed up to our service tonight. So please be praying that God will place someone to pastor that church and the rest of Chivay because it is the only church here. We sang some songs in Spanish and some in English and the middle schoolers enjoyed it with singing and clapping. After we played two games in which they also enjoyed. After the invitation was given 2 students out of 10 students there came forward and devoted their lives to Christ. Louise and Milargo ­­­­are the students and please pray for those two and the student who is actually leading the church.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we take a day of rest and do some touring. Pray that we will experience divine encounters and that it will be restful for us because we are all exhausted.


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