Peru Update: Day 2

The team had a great day today. We started off going to and participating in the service at New Life Baptist Church. They had one worship service where we sang in Spanish and then took the Lord”s supper. The Lord:s supper in itself was amazing, hearing everything in Spanish but already knowing what was said. Then we helped with the child care, our puppet team did a great job presenting the gospel in a way that was entertaining to the children. At the same time our worship team lead worship in Spanish for the whole church. Then our team leader David Millsaps taught on Luke 9:22-26. His main purpose of his message was about willing make a choice to surrender ones life and deny ones self.
Then this evening we lead worship for Pastor Pablo’s church. Evan taught once again and brought a good message from Psalm 51 about Repentance. We did a skit about not being a Christian because you go to church, sing in the choir, or anything like that. The whole team participated and were speaking in Spanish the whole time. Pastor Pablo did a great job playing off the skit and shared the gospel with his church of about 20. Our worship team sang two more songs in English and brought a few of the members into tears.

Tomorrow we have along day ahead of us. We are traveling 2 hours to Chiavy where we will be working with those in a nursing home and children in a orphanage. The team will be struggling with elevation sickness so please pray that Gods hand is on our team. Pray that those in the nursing home and in the orphanage will see and experience God’s love through our team.


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