Operation Charlotte Day 1: Commissioning

Sunday, August 5, Hickory Grove commissioned two mission outings during the evening service. The first one that will take place is Main Campus’ Operation Charlotte. Operation Charlotte is a project to mobilize our students to reach out to their community by meeting needs in tangible ways with the intent of sharing the Gospel with those whom they come in contact with. The students will be specifically serving at Day Camp VBS, CUP Ministry, LA Food Bank, Jackson Park, Alexander Youth Network, Inspiration Station and Queens Grant. Things to pray for during Operation Charlotte: Pray over each specific location. Pray over projects at each site the specific team will be conducting. Pray that Gospel conversations will happen and people will come to know Christ. Pray for group safety and pray that God will be honored.

The second commissioning was for Sheldon Smith’s 6 month trip to Mozambique, Africa. Sheldon is going to stay with another missionary family from Hickory Grove. Lee and Tracy McDaniel moved their family to Mozambique last year and asked Sheldon to come help their 3 girls with school work along with sharing the Gospel to the surrounding communities on the weekends. Sheldon, who graduated from high school this past May, gladly answered God’s call and leaves Tuesday, August 14. Pray that she will be able to help the girls’ knowledge grow in their curriculum but also in their knowledge of the Bible. Pray for strength and peace for Sheldon and her family, Todd, Lisa and Madison Smith in the upcoming weeks.

Both collectively and individually the students of Hickory Grove are God fearing teenagers. Continue to pray for them as a whole and for the Lord to use them to spread the Gospel in His name.


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