July 2012 – Ecuador Mission Trip Update – Friday

Friday, the team enjoyed a change of pace.  In the morning Mr. Jose, Katty’s neighbor and landlord, arranged for Nancy to go to the military facility for a physical therapy treatment on her shoulder which has been hurting throughout the trip.  Mr. Jose has been receiving therapy for the past seven months following shoulder surgery.  While at the therapy session, we realized, Katty had a divine appointment with the therapy technician who was a member of a cult.  He heard a clear presentation of the gospel as did everyone in the therapy area.  Jesus shines through every time!

The team left to grab a quick bite of lunch, then shopping in the downtown open market for a few things to remember our special time this week.  We then headed to the equator where we stood in both the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time.  We watched a demonstration of water as it swirled right out of a sink in the south, left in then north, and straight down on the equator. So amazing to see God’s amazing design at work before us.  We have a big God.  We enjoyed a few minutes of fellowship with a shop owner in the area, we found out they are believers.

We will be preparing meals for the freezer in Katty’s home tomorrow.  She takes them to families from the church where Bible studies are held.  Often the families have not eaten the entire day, only the casserole Katty brings.  So thankful to send the meals with love.

The picture is the shop owners and team at the equator.

After dinner we are off to the airport for our midnight departure. See you all soon. Thank you for praying.


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