Ukraine Team Commissioned

Last night at North Campus the Ukraine Mission Team was commissioned before they leave today at 5:30PM. The team will be headed to a small town about 45 minutes southeast of L’viv called Zhydachiv. They will be working with a local pastor on making disciples of people who prayed to receive Christ on earlier trips and helping the pastor to build the body of believers that he is already responsible for. They will be conducting a women’s conference, a three-day youth conference and completing a community project alongside some of the students of the city.

The team members are: Gene Turner, Carla Turner, William Nipper, Scott Laws, Mike Sears, Daphne Sears, Billy Hutchinson, Anna Willard, Emily Scribner, Chris Lowder, Gary Williams, and Seth Locklear.

Please pray for safe travels, for the hearts of the people we will come into contact with, for the local pastor, for God to produce a spiritual harvest, for God to block Satan from attacking, for each team member to grow closer to Him and to be changed to be more like Him!


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