Ukraine – Day 5

Another day has come and gone.  We were out on the streets today making final contacts, keeping appointments made and just loving on the people.  This team is physically and mentally exhausted.  They gave this trip their all.  Seeds were planted, a lot of watering was done, and we even saw some of the harvest.  We had two people pray to receive Christ today.  It has been a very good trip and we are looking forward to spending the day in Lviv tomorrow before our trip home on Friday.

Ukraine – Day 4

Day 4 was a fantastic day!  Today, we completed our community project of fixing up a playground that the local pastor here uses for his summer camps.  This was a tremendous site to see.  As soon as we got there, everyone pitched in and did their part.  It was extremely tiring, but well worth the effort after seeing the looks on the kids faces when we were done.  From this event, we were able to share the gospel with some onlooking children.  We also had the ladies conference along with day 2 of the youth conference.  The ladies were very proud of their event as they should be.  They all worked tirelessly to get everything done for it.  They taught the ladies how to make a flower broach and also showed them how to make good old American Apple Pie.  An exciting take-away from this event is that now the pastor’s wife has ideas on how to lead one of these for themselves.  The youth event was another success.  There were several there who were asking deeper questions and searching.  It has been one very tiring, but truly exciting day!

Ukraine – Day 3

We were all back in the streets today to find it much busier than the weekend.  There were plenty of sharing opportunities with some of the group experiencing people that previous teams had witnessed to.  Good contacts were made and relationship building is going great.  Our youth event began tonight.  Although there was only a few participants tonight, Billy and his team did a phenomenal job.  Our ladies conference will take place tonight at 7:00 pm our time and 12:00 noon your time so please pray for them as they minister to the women of the city. We will complete our community project tomorrow by fixing up and painting a local playground for the church to use for their summer camps.

Ukraine – Day 2

We had a wonderful day of worship and rest.  We went to service at 10:00 where William Nipper preached from Colossians 2: 8-15 about being aware of people bringing false messages.  That was followed by Scott Laws preaching on Psalm 51.  Then Pastor Roman gave us a sermon in Ukrainian.  We had lunch and then we rested because the team was physically exhausted.  We went back to service at 5:00 where Gene Turner preached from James 1:19-27 about living for God requires sacrifice and action.  It was a great day.

Ukraine – Day 1

We have completed our first full day and needless to say, God has already showed off.  We have seen first hand an answer to prayer in the finding of a helper for the pastor.  We had a reception where the church members and the team welcomed visitors.  There, we sang songs and William Nipper gave his testimony.  We were able to make some good contacts through our street evangelism this morning.  We are looking forward to what God is going to do through the rest of the week.

In His Service,


Arrival Day in Ukraine

Our team has made it safely to Zhydachiv, Ukraine.  Our trip was uneventful. We have already made some familiar contacts and look forward to what God has in store for us. We will send more information tomorrow after our first full day here.

Ukraine Team Commissioned

Last night at North Campus the Ukraine Mission Team was commissioned before they leave today at 5:30PM. The team will be headed to a small town about 45 minutes southeast of L’viv called Zhydachiv. They will be working with a local pastor on making disciples of people who prayed to receive Christ on earlier trips and helping the pastor to build the body of believers that he is already responsible for. They will be conducting a women’s conference, a three-day youth conference and completing a community project alongside some of the students of the city.

The team members are: Gene Turner, Carla Turner, William Nipper, Scott Laws, Mike Sears, Daphne Sears, Billy Hutchinson, Anna Willard, Emily Scribner, Chris Lowder, Gary Williams, and Seth Locklear.

Please pray for safe travels, for the hearts of the people we will come into contact with, for the local pastor, for God to produce a spiritual harvest, for God to block Satan from attacking, for each team member to grow closer to Him and to be changed to be more like Him!