Pittsburgh Day 4: Community Outreach

What an awesome day of ministry here in Pittsburgh! Yesterday afternoon our team hosted a community outreach carnival and Easter egg hunt for a local inner city community. By the time we finished, we had been able to minister the Gospel to over 150 people on the north side of downtown Pittsburgh. The carnival consisted of face painting, a cornhole game, crafts, a cookie walk and free snacks for anyone who came out. Every aspect of the carnival was structured to provide an avenue to share the Gospel with the people who participated. Our students fearlessly shared their faith with almost everyone who came out for the “carnival.” At least six people made a profession of faith and we may not know the true impact we had on this community for some time.

After the carnival, our team gathered for one last time at West Hills Baptist Church to share what God is doing in each of us. Student after student shared about their renewed burden for the lost and a fresh passion to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ with the people God has placed in their lives. Please pray that God will continue in Charlotte the work he has begun in Pittsburgh. We’ll see everyone tonight!



  1. We are so grateful for everything Hickory Grove Baptist Church has done for us at Living Faith Community Church! We are in awe! Thank you again and we love you guys!

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