Nicaragua Day 7: A Very Good “Viernes Santo”

Friday… Good Friday… The week has gone by so fast.

It has been amazing to see the Lord work in the lives of so many people during this trip… And we count ourselves in that.

We did not have the Kid’s Club today, and the team from Benson had to leave, so the rest of us took a trip to Grenada (to the south). The El Salvador bus was pulled over 4 times on the way by the police… But it was ok, they had all the proper paperwork. Apparently, the El Salvador license plate attracts attention here in Nicaragua. The funny thing was that at each stop, street vendors would board the buses and try to sell food and drinks. But the funniest thing of all was during one stop when the vendors did not get off in time. We sped off – and were half a mile down the road before they were able to jump off the bus – and walk all the way back to the checkpoint. 🙂

Speaking of going back… We went back to the Villa Venezuela part of town tonight and saw some familiar faces – but also very many new ones. For the occasion of Good Friday (“Viernes Santo” in Spanish), we showed the movie of Jesus. A very powerful and graphic movie.

Alex Vasquez found his groove this week inviting people to the movies, and then setting up / tearing down the equipment. He did it with the Nicaraguan boys in the church such as: Humberto, Edmon, Claudio, Juan, Kevin, Dustin, Francisco R., Francisco M., & Julio. Alex was able to speak in Spanish with them and really tried to use the time effectively for discipleship. Some of them just don’t have that opportunity all the time, so this was a real blessing. They all did so well in the skits and dramas this week – we believe there is a lot of talent here in Nicaragua.

Our team was chosen to give three of the invitations after the movie and skits this week. To be chosen just one time is special. Steven Wallace presented on Tuesday, Ryan Haynes on Thursday, and Don Ceccarelli on Friday… And Roberto Maldonado translated on both Thursday and Friday. All four really presented the message of Jesus clearly and concisely, and will tell you that God did all the work. It is incredible that there have been well over 500 decisions made.


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