Nicaragua Day 6: Do Not Grow Weary!


David Kwon and Raphael were canvassing the neighborhood during the Kid’s Club, but were just about to give up since hardly anyone was opening their door to them. But then they spotted a young man, and began a conversation with him. He had so many questions, and spoke so fast, that it was difficult for the translator to keep up. David grabbed Paster Lopez (Koky), and the two of them talked about the many questions he had. He tearfully accepted Christ’s forgiveness and wants to do all that God wants him to do. A life changed because David was faithful and pressed on.

Today was the last Kid’s Club, and we were able to give away most of the hats, dolls, and shirts. Alex was completely mobbed! But the boys and girls absolutely loved it! We truly appreciated all the people that donated.

Ryan sat on the ground during the movie, and a man named Noland came and sat beside him. He could speak english very well, but was troubled how one man could be so blessed with money, family, and a home while another would not. Ryan told him that none of those things last. After speaking with him for 30 minutes or more, Noland accepted the Lord!

As of Thursday afternoon, 418 professions of faith have occurred! God is so good! The church is having good success in follow-up. Obviously not all are interested in joining Vida Nueva, but many are still making decisions that will impact eternity.


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