Nicaragua Day 5: Feliz Cumpleaños El Jefe

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we were in Villa Venezuela. As the Kid’s Club went along, more and more children came and the groups got bigger. A lot of fun for everyone.

Ryan Haynes, and Roberto Maldonado canvassed the neighborhood and talked to a young woman named Gretel who had a very young baby. Ryan asked her how much she loved her baby, and she said more than she ever could have imagined. He then said that Jesus loves her in the same way, then shared the plan of Salvation and she accepted!

They also came upon some clothing tailors, and Ryan asked what kind of shirt they would make him 🙂 This also led to an opportunity to share the Gospel. We’ve found on this trip that Ryan can start a conversation with anyone – and Roberto can keep it going.

Dr. Gerald Cowen (Professor Emeritus of SE Baptist Theological Seminary) met with a couple and attempted to share the Gospel, but some Jehovah’s witnesses kept trying to interrupt. He told them that if they stand in the way of these people’s salvation, then they will be held accountable for it. Strong words, but the truth. Dr. Cowen also shared with some others, and after the second time of going through the plan of salvation, they understood and believed that Jesus gave them the assurance they did not have.

Today was also Wayne’s birthday! MaryBeth had everyone sign his card not-so-secretly and Roberto took a special trip to a bakery to get the cake. It wasn’t covered, so he had to be very careful bringing it back in the taxi. The whole restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to “El Jefe” (Wayne).


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