Nicaragua Day 4: Barcelona vs Milan meets Evangelism in the Park

Last night and this morning we went to an area of town which translates to mean “The 10th of June.”

Several members of the team worked at the Kid’s Club, while a few groups went out to witness.  Caroline even taught a cheer for Jesus to a young girl at her home. At the Kid’s Club – Don got to see a normally shy team member (but we’re not naming any names) share the Gospel with the children using the witnessing dolls and bracelets.  The witnessing dolls were all made by a HGBC church member, and the bracelet packets made by several Hickory Grove children’s Sunday School classes.

After lunch, Pastor Felix invited all the youth to his home to watch the big soccer match between Barcelona and Milan. About 30 of the kids got to experience watching soccer Central American-style. And much to everyones joy, Barcelona won! (Drew had on his Barcelona shirt for the occasion).

Julie, Oswaldo, and I (Tim) met some skateboarders in the park… and I asked to ride their skateboard.  This made them laugh as I tried to do some kickflips. Julie and I were able to share with them using the Evangecube and telling them of our past and how God changed us.  Both Osman and Omar made the decision to accept Jesus’ forgiveness, so we offered as much info as we could to get them plugged in.
Eddie, Jadon, & Lorena (their interpreter) had a chance to share the Gospel with a young woman named Patty on the street who sold cheese burritos. She was touched that many of us came such a long way to share the Good news of Christ.  Patty expressed to him that she has felt something missing in her life and felt empty even though she did good works through her church.  They told her that what she was missing was Christ in her heart by using the Evangecube.  Eddie & Jadon were able to share the information about Vida Nueva so that she could ask them more questions.
Don and Drew talked to a man named Luis who was tired of hypocritical Christians, and was mad at them.  It was not until Don told him “Luis, I’m not concerned about others, I love you and I’m concerned about you” that he eventually realized his own hypocrisy, broke down in tears, and surrendered his life to Christ.  He wanted to go to church Easter Sunday, so Don & Drew introduced him to Pastor Felix.  He didn’t have a Bible, so Don gave him his Spanish/English Bible. Luis was so happy!

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