Nicaragua Day 3: First Kid’s Club

Sunday night and Monday morning we were in the area of town called Canada. The first “Club de Niños” was awesome! A “Kid’s Club” is a whirlwind VBS done in less than 3 hours. Five “Stations” set in tents have many different fun learning opportunities. One station had a puppet show and dancing. Another had a Scripture to memorize, witnessing bracelets and dolls, and the hats. A third had a Biblical story. The fourth was an inflatable slide. And finally, there was a refreshment station.
A few quick stories:
Caroline Taylor prayed with two teenage girls at the Kid’s Club. The teenagers weren’t there for the activities, but they had come to the movie Sunday night and wanted to talk some more. Planting seeds.
I (Tim Wallace) shared the Gospel with kids at the station with witnessing bracelets. One young boy made a decision for Christ. He was so poor that he actually wore a puffy jacket in the hot sun because it was all he had to wear.
After lunch, Drew Ceccarelli, Mary Beth Teague, and Roberto Maldonado shared the Gospel with a young girl at the hotel pool during a break. They broke the ice by playing catch with a mango in the pool.
Later, as we walked the streets inviting people to the movie, two sisters (Ivette & Alejandra) came to faith in Jesus. Ivette said her young son would come to the Kid’s Club in the morning.

Don Ceccarelli met with a man named Luis who came forward after the drama.  He wanted to know what he needed to do to be saved. Don shared the Gospel with him, and he prayed to receive Christ!  Drew gave his daughter Fernanda a witnessing bracelet and shared the Gospel with her.
As with each day, there are so many stories to share….


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