Nicaragua Day 2: Palm Sunday

Sunday morning, April 1st, we had a multicultural worship service at the hotel conference room.  Believers gathered from Vida Nueva Managua, Vida Nueva El Salvador, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Crossroads Baptist Church (Benson, NC), First Baptist Church Glen St. Mary (FL), and a few people from several other US states. It was half english & half spanish.

After the service, we were blessed to have a baptism in the hotel pool!  A young man named Melvin decided to identify himself as a believer to everyone. What a blessing.

In the evening, team members were paired up with interpreters and we went out to a neighborhood. We showed a movie called “Lay It Down” about a street racer that didn’t know Christ.  He was in an accident that woke him up to accepting the Lord.  This movie strongly impacted one of our interpreters (Oswaldo Rivera), who also gave up racing after he came to Christ some years ago.

There were many decisions made last night.  Here’s just one specific story: Team members Steve & Abby Wallace asked three teenagers if they knew what the “big question” in life was.  And the guys said “We would know if you told us.”  That opened the door for Steve & Abby to share the Good news of Jesus, but also the bad news of sin and condemnation. Two of the men were ready and accepted Christ during that conversation. Steve tried to give the third man a last chance to also accept, but he just wasn’t ready.  All three were a success, though, because Steve and Abby were obedient to share the message with them.


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