Nicaragua Team to be Commissioned at North Campus Tonight

Wednesday night 3/28 at North Campus will be the commissioning ceremony for the 15 member team leaving for Nicaragua during Holy Week.  We have partnered with Good News In Action and the local Baptist church, Vida Nueva Managua (New Life Managua), for this evangelism focused trip.

Time in the capital city of Managua will be spent canvassing neighborhoods daily inviting children to “Kids Clubs” (similar to Vacation Bible School), inviting adults and children to evening showings of skits and movies depicting the Gospel, & person-to-person evangelism.  Through spanish speaking interpreters, team members will share the life changing message of Jesus Christ with all they come in contact with.

Church members from Vida Nueva follow up on all decisions that are made.  Past trips have had over 400 decisions – and most were adults!  We expect the Lord to do great things this time as well.

The Nicaragua team departs this weekend on Saturday, March 31st and returns on Saturday, April 7th.  It is comprised of 11 members from HGBC North Campus, 4 members from Main Campus, and includes both adults and teenagers. Wayne Teague is the team leader for the second year in a row.

Prayer Reguests:

  • Pray for boldness to share the Gospel
  • People are receptive and believe the message
  • Supplies taken are multiplied and useful
  • The Lord would work through all circumstances
  • The “Kids Clubs” in the mornings are fun and help children learn about Jesus
  • Evening movies and skits effectively present the Gospel
  • Vida Nueva Managua grows and produces more leaders for the region
  • Jesus is glorified and gets all the credit

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