Laundry Love Project – March 16, 2012

Last Friday night, our church participated in our second Laundry Love Project at the Rocketship Laundromat across the street from Main Campus. Laundry Love Projects provide dinner, childcare and free laundry service to members of our community at a local laundromat.

We met and spoke with people from several different walks of life, from single moms to foreign nationals who were recently transplanted to the United States for work.

One of our guests was grateful that Hickory Grove was able to take a significant financial burden from her so she could afford to buy groceries for her family. Our church body was able to minister to a lady who had just recently lost her mother and was blessed to have someone give her a small leg up financially, but more importantly, she had the opportunity to just sit and talk through her pain with someone who cared.

Pray that the people we met Friday night would come to a full understanding of the life-changing power of the Gospel.

As a church, we are called to GO to our community. Now is not the time to retreat from the mission that God has placed on our doorstep. We must boldly go forward, show the love of Jesus Christ and communicate the truth of the Gospel to our city. Will you be +1?

If your Sunday school class would like to host a Laundry Love Project, please call the Missions Office at 704-531-4028


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