News from the African Plain

In February, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa with Tony Redden, chairman of the Missions Committee at Hickory Grove. During our trip, we visited the countries of Kenya and Tanzania, home to a combined 80 unreached people groups. Many of these people are caught in the grip of Islam and animism and most live in a state of abject poverty.

As part of our +1 Missions Strategy, we are partnering with indigenous churches on the ground in Tanzania as we seek to expand the reach of the Gospel to those nations and beyond. Tony and I had the opportunity to preach in the Sunday morning worship services as well as conduct a leadership conference at the church in Nairobi, Kenya.

After our visit to Kenya, we traveled to the city of Morogoro in eastern Tanzania. Bethel Revival Temple is a true God story in Tanzania as they serve the Lord in a number of remarkable ways. Their goal is simple: “Tanzania for Jesus.” The church leadership at Bethel has established an intensive discipleship model that they require new believers and potential members to participate in as a prerequisite for membership.

These churches are making an impact in a dark world where the enemy has held sway for so long. The Lord is adding to his church constantly and these fellowships have even begun sending their own missionaries to other countries in Africa!

Please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ as they continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to their nation and beyond.

Steve Adams
Sr. Associate Pastor – Administration


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