Update from the Diegelmans – HGBC Missionaries to Honduras

Hi everyone!

THANKS so much for all your prayers over this past week! We had nice, smooth flights to Honduras, and some of us even got to fly first class! (Saw it as a God stop…) We tried to not carry more luggage than the allotted amount for a family of five, but we had a few extras by the airlines standards. Therefore, it was cheaper to upgrade to first class then to fly coach. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected surprise!

Since our arrival we have been purchasing food, small appliances, and all the necessary items to make our home function. We are also trying to acclimate ourselves to the city & the city driving as well…much different picture here in Honduras, it’s quite the challenge! The other missionary couple, Richie & Lori Womack have been phenomenal as they are helping our family get settled. Their presence here should help make our transition much easier, especially as we learn the ropes of running teams, working in the ministry, and driving around the city. We attended our future home church, which is called Impacto last Sunday. While the preacher seems to speak well, we still cannot understand his sermon in it’s entirety since it’s all in Spanish 🙂 However, the church does offer tape recorders each week for those of us still struggling to comprehend the sermons. This church was started 11 years ago by Belleview Baptist in Memphis, Tennessee. We have seen other “gringos” (or North Americans) in attendance but we have yet to meet many people. We do know a few couples from language school in Costa Rica, so that is an added blessing. We look forward to getting  more involved in the church and making new friends. Please pray for us as we continue working on the language and as we all make new friends.

Most days lately have consisted of homeschooling in the mornings and organizing our home in the afternoons. It always takes a good deal of time to set up a home, yet we are thankful for all we have accomplished thus far. We have also used this time to get to know our fellow missionaries that we will be serving with in the ministry.  We have yet to drive out to the boys and/or girls shelter, or the farm but we hope to get there very soon! We also are looking for a sports center or sports league, where our boys can get involved in soccer or perhaps even football…our oldest, Jared hopes to anyway!  We know this is another great way they can make friends and help them feel more settled here as well. Please pray for us as we look for a place to get them involved in extracurricular activities.

We are getting excited as we think about the upcoming team which will arrive in Honduras on Saturday, March 17th. This is a new team from Alabama. They have also allowed other people to join their team from various areas, so please pray this team will be of one mind & spirit as they serve with us and FCM staff. Please pray for Gordon as he assists Richie in leading the team (his first one!) and as he uses his new language skills. (Pray for me and the boys as well as we take part in working with the team!) We are excited that our boys can take part in some of these mission trips since often times children from the States do come and serve alongside their parents. We think this will be a great way for our boys to be a part of the ministry and we look forward to seeing how God will use it to do a work in their lives while we are here on the field.

We will send more updates to keep you all informed. Thanks again for your support & prayers!! We appreciate you all more than you know.

God bless you!
Gordon, Christy, Jared, Zac, & Wil


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