Disaster Relief: Get Trained

As you know, the Charlotte area was hit by an EF-2 tornado in the early morning hours on Saturday. Several homes in east Charlotte were either destroyed or severely damaged.  Some of our Hickory Grove members were affected by this disaster.

We had approximately 40 of our members that are on our Disaster Relief team out yesterday cleaning up downed trees and debris. They will be working again this afternoon to help with the aftermath from this storm.

While this particular storm was localized to a relatively small area, it was devastating to those families affected. As we prepare for the future we will need more volunteers to become trained in Disaster Relief so that we can continue to respond to storms such as the one we experienced yesterday as well as the storms others have felt in places such as Alabama and the Midwest.

If you would be interested in learning more about Disaster Relief, please call the Missions Office at 704-531-4028. Will you also continue to pray for these families affected from yesterday’s storms as well as our volunteers who will be serving this afternoon?



  1. Jerri Menges says:

    My name is Jerri Menges. I work for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. One of our most powerful ministries is the Rapid Response Team, a group of trained chaplains who go and share the love and comfort of God during storms or other natural disasters. Here’s a link.


  2. doug morrow says:

    I just showed up and saw a lady draging tree limbs. I stop and asked if she needed help. Of course she said grab bebrid and put it on the curb. I worked akmost all day monday and 5 hours after work today.

    I want to join and have fille out the form with NCBM, I havent had a reply. Can someone help?

    I plan on returning to the home on plaza rd. extension tomorrow/

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