International Mission Opportunities

Nicaragua – Mar 18-25

Our team will be supporting a small evangelical church plant in Managua, Nicaragua.  The focus will be evangelism to help grow the local church in Managua, which has a strong culture of discipling new believers.  Our evangelical methods will be witnessing in neighborhoods, conducting Vacation Bible School-style children’s ministry, and using the “Jesus” film and gospel presentations at night.

Pittsburgh – April 3-7 and April 10-14

Our student Ministry mission team will be sharing the love of Christ alongside local missionaries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The team will advertise and provide an Easter Egg Hunt Outreach, a sports camp, a car wash, loads of love laundry missions and other service projects.

Guatemala – May 6-13

We will be supporting the local missionaries by conducting a light construction project in the community and discipleship of the new church that is beginning.

Ukraine – May 24-June 1

Following in obedience to The Great Commission by discipling the believers of the church plant, we will follow up with visits from last year. We will also take part in street in evangelism in Zhydachiv and support the local church, putting a primary focus on reaching surrounding villages.

Peru – June

Our college ministry will be working to support a new church plant in Arequipa, Peru through various outreach events such as street evangelism and the “Jesus” film.

Jordan – June 23-July 2

Our mission in Jordan will bring us alongside an ongoing partnership in which we are involved. Our team will be distributing literature and participating in mercy ministries.  Pray for our students as they travel to one of the most unreached places in the world.

Ecuador – July

Our team will be sharing the love of Christ with the local missionary through evangelism in Quito and the surrounding villages.

Honduras – August 5-12

We will be serving God and the people of Honduras through evangelism, discipleship, food distribution, construction and prayer walking.  Blessed are the feet of those that bring good new – let that be you!

Ukraine – September 6-15

Our team will continue the efforts of the May team.  We will street evangelize in Zhydachiv and support the local church and the surrounding villages.

Guatemala – Oct. 21-28

We will conduct a VBS during the daytime and do neighborhood evangelism and support of the newly planted church in La Baranquilla. We will provide testimony and help with worship during Wednesday night service and support the local missionary there. If needed we will perform a community project that we can work alongside the community.


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